Appetite For Consumption LP


Available on black or limited edition 'money shot' vinyl

America’s number one, 1% rock band return with their most scathing record yet, the metal tinged, Appetite For Consumption. Don’t count on any cheesy power ballads, unless songs about greed, drugs, leisure, more drugs and unspeakable sex acts are your idea of slow jams.

The band follow up 2008’s “Balls”, with even more balls, in the form of a harder edged sound and lyrics that go for the crotch and/or the jugular of the American Dream.

Original guitarist Preston Hetherington III has retired to South America, and has been replaced by Ivan Ivanoff, a Russian billionaire, who learned to speak english from watching MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball”. Yeltsen’s guitar shreads throughout and paves a new direction for the band, fusing their reverse-punk attitude with a hard rock sonic attack.

Our sitting president gets punked on “Obama” and his policies get teabagged on “Obamacare”. The sordid 1% life of leisure gets spotlighted on “Phoning It In” and “Life is Easy”. The album closes with an unlikely cover of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Posse on Broadway”, retitled “My Posse’s on Wall Street”.

The Yuppie Pricks have been delighting and offending audiences across the USA since 2003’s debut album “Initial Public Offering”. The band has appeared at SXSW, Fun Fun Fun Fest, on Lou Brutus’ Sirius/XM radio show in NYC and sit on several multinational boards.


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